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Jamia Nadawiyya Training College owes her genesis and efflorescence to KNM.


Our History

Jamia Nadawiyya Training College owes her genesis and efflorescence to KNM (2/1957), the most progressive muslim religious organization founded in 1950. The college was established in 1991 and maintained by the central committee of its organization. Jamia Nadawiyya trust board was constituted for the purpose. Dr. Usman Sahib, President of K.N.M was the first chairman of the trust board which established the college. The college aims to build an enlightened, strong and prosperous nation through …


At the beginning of the 20 Century, Kerala was passing through a dark age under the British colonial regime. The people of Kerala, who were mostly illiterate, practiced ludicrous superstitious and fostered many exotic customs and taboos. In Malabar, the Muslim Community along with other marginalized backward communities remained in an abyss of ignorance and gloominess. Educational system and facilities were virtually non-existent and the few surviving educational institutions where languishing in misery due to …


Our Vision

  1. To endevour persistently to achieve educational excellence enabling our students to become global leaders in teaching through innovative educational practices ,experiential learning and quality education, imparting knowledge ,skills, values enshrined in the constitution.
  2. To evolve in to a premier teacher education institution moulding eminent teachers with creative minds, innovative ideas , sound practical skills and to shape a future where human values are inculcated for the enrichment of mankind.

Our Mission

  1. Moulding the student teachers to become role models with emphasis on character, culture moral and ethical values .
  2. Constantly updating academy and management practices to enhance quality improvements in all spheres of teacher education
  3. To make education affordable and accessible by awarding financial assistance to the meritorious and socially and financially backward students 
  4. To implement right knowledge and inculcate in the student teachers a high degree of social consciousness and human values thereby enabling them to face the challenges of life with courage and conviction and to train them to excel in their profession
  5. To provide infrastructure enriched by tech tools and web resources keeping up with international standards 
  6. Inculcate secular democratic pluralistic values in students to make them responsible citizen contributing to national Integration and development.
  7. To create intellectually alert , professionally competent, morally upright ,emotionally integrated , spiritually enlightened , physically sound and socially conscious and committed teachers


Our Objectives


The college shall pay attention to enable the students to be: “caring for oneself ,including one’s health ,caring one’s family ,friends and peers; caring for other people ;caring for students and co-workers, caring for the social ,economic and ecological welfare of one’s society and nation …


The institution has the vision to educate the students to assume social obligations-to train as excellent teachers to solve social problems to help set ethical directions for society. The college is concerned with student growth and development, the discovery and refinement of knowledge, and to …


We wish to make the college a great storehouse of learning , a great bureau of standards, a great workshop of knowledge, a great laboratory for the training as well of men of thought as of men of action. The college would serve as an …

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