Managing Trustee's Message


Dr. Noor Muhammed Noorsha

Managing Trustee's Message


I am honored and privileged to be the Managing Trustee of Jamia NadwiyyaEdavanna of Islamic and Modern Scientific Studies which is uniquely positioned among all educational institutions in Kerala in having the responsibility for developing in all its students the crucial knowledge and skills to be successful professionals or Islamic preachers. This will go a considerable way in preparing them to assume their expected role of building their communities and societies.

 Through its programs and the many courses available, JNE offers students the opportunities to expand their horizons and visions, reinforce their ethical and moral values, develop their  communication skills and enhance their personal character and positive behavior to be competitive in the marketplace and to realize their role as leaders in their communities. JNE is determined to be a major influence on graduates by keeping close contact with students and academic departments, and by continuously assessing and developing its programs and courses to accommodate the changing needs and conditions towards accomplishing its set objectives and goals.

 With warm wishes and God's blessings.

 Dr. Noor Mohammad Noorsha Managing Trustee, Board of Trustees.