Secretary's Message


Prof . Abdu Samad Sullami

Secretary's Message


Jamia Nadwiyya Edavanna (JNE) is a pioneer educational institution with an exciting history dating back to the early 1960s. JNE has an outstanding position in the reformist movements launched for the socio- cultural emancipation of the Muslim community in Kerala. It has been the flag bearer of progressive secondary and collegiate education in Kerala, India. The significance of its educational endeavor can be discerned vividly, in the backdrop of the overall backwardness of Indian Muslims elsewhere in India, who are still groping in darkness unable to absorb the valued Islamic culture and join the secular national mainstream. With the commitment to quality education in its DNA, JNE becomes the final link in the educational tradition of Kerala Muslims.

 We believe that the future of our country, its people and humanity at large will depend on well-educated people and strong leaders. Our programs are designed to educate these leaders. JNE values the importance of liberal arts and science education and prepares its graduates for leadership roles of the 21st century. JNE students and alumni will be ready to take on the challenges of today's rapidly changing world.

 JNE believes in the value of internationalization and the power of globalization. English is the medium of instruction except in JNE Arabic colleges and our students can express themselves both in Arabic and English effectively. They are encouraged to take advantage of our vibrant exchange programs with the world's reputable universities. We have no doubt that the graduates of JNE will become professionally successful leaders as businessmen/women, public officers, educators, entrepreneurs, politicians, civil society volunteers. and change agents.

 We invite students, academics, and educators who believe that they can excel and be productive in such an environment to find out more about our university and to join our community.


With best wishes for our future endeavors,


Prof. M.T. Abdussamad Secretary, Board of Trustees.